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Sustainable farming involves making use of farming practices and methods while taking ecological cycles into consideration. These methods are known to be sensitive toward the microorganisms and their equations with the environment at large. Many egg farmers like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania prioritize sustainability. They make choices and engage in practices that limit the negative impact on the environment.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania provides insight into sustainable farming

Sustainable farming focuses on producing plants and animal products with the help of techniques and approaches that not only promotes economic profitability, but is also good for the environment and public health. In many cases, it puts emphasis on the use of non-renewable factors in the process in an efficient and thoughtful manner. Sustainable farming encourages farmers to innovate and employ eco-friendly methods, and ultimately contributes to the growth of nutritious and healthy food.  The environment, and subsequently the ecology has become a huge area of concern for people over the last couple of decades. This has increasingly led people to innovate, contemplate and employ alternate methods to save the ecology. A good example of doing so would be transforming crop waste or animal manure into fertilizers that can help enrich the soil.

Another sustainable farming method that is commonly employed is crop rotation. It aids the soil in effectively maintain its nutrients and keeps the soil rich and potent. The collection of rainwater with the assistance of its channeling and then its utilization for irrigation can also be a good example of sustainable farming practices.

Farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania especially go to great lengths to minimize their impact on the environment. Traditionally, manure in a chicken house could remain there for as long as five months at a time. Hillandale Farms was among the very first companies to incorporate a belt system that cleans a third of each of their chicken houses every day. They recycle this manure to use it as a fertilizer, and make sure that there is no spill off into the important water systems. In order to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible, Hillandale Farms keeps each of its farm units as close to the customers as possible. They also utilize an ever-increasing amount of wind and solar power.

One must understand that arable land is likely going to remain constant, while the population across the world keeps growing steadily. With the increase in population, more crops have to be produced from the existing resources. By the year 2050, it is likely that there would be about 9 billion people on the planet. To feed this population, food production has to be at least 70%. If the farming industry does not look beyond traditional strategies and focus on sustainability, future generations might not be able to produce and take advantage of the arable land. Sustainable practices are linked to reducing dependency on nonrenewable energy, cutting down chemical use, and saving scarce resources. Keeping the land healthy and replenished by following sustainable practices would go a long way when considering the rising population and demand for food.

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