Non-profit organizations tend to struggle more than regular profit-chasing agencies as they have to rely on funds that can be only generated with brand awareness and perception among global users. In order to gain more supporters for a non-profit campaign; you need to utilize a quick source of announcements that helps to raise awareness and generate funds from a massive number of online users. The press release is one of those highly effective business tools that can help to serve the purpose.

However, when it comes to press release writing; you need to be extra careful with the strategy and what are you trying to achieve from it. If you are an owner of a non-profit organization and trying to create some traction for your business with the help of a PR, here are 7 effective tips or do’s and do’s that can help non-profit and charitable organizations grow more.

1. Do Pay Attention to the Headline of the Press Release

Most non-profit organizations tend to get caught up in their noble mission and vision which makes them ignorant about the proven marketing tactics in the market. No matter what noble cause your organization serves, people around the world will get to know about it only when there is some newsworthy information about your business is out on the web. If you want to distribute a press release and want people to read it, you definitely have to pay attention to the title of the content. Think of the story and create and hook based on what is most important in your PR content. It is highly important to make the headline attractive which is the first thing a reader notices. Make sure to keep it brief and impactful.

2. Don’t Write Press Releases for Every Occasion

Your press release is a newsworthy document that needs to be newsworthy and relevant enough to gather media attention. It should be published timely and capable of piquing media interest. Here are some occasions when you can post a press release,

  • Upcoming fundraiser event
  • Award for a new grant
  • Merging or formation of new partnership
  • Major accomplishments and milestones
  • News board members or leadership
  • For crisis and reputation management

3. Do Target Strategically

Press release distribution will not work efficiently unless you come up with a strategic plan. You should pitch your press release content to journalists who would be actually interested in your story and help you cover the subject matter. It is recommended to approach only niche journalists in this case who are well-versed in your industry and know how to find more interested online users who would like to participate. To offer a personal touch in your pitch, make sure to put an introduction and offer something ‘exclusive’ that establishes the fact that you also want to improve your professional relationship. The exclusive element can be a BTS or an interview with your best client; which quickly grabs their attention.

4. Don’t Use Jargon and Buzzwords

As a non-profit organization, your company has a lot to take care of, and one of the prime needs to uphold an image for the company that is recognizable and trustworthy. There is no room for flowery language instead, you can gain more authenticity with an honest approach. If anything can potentially ruin the press release content that would be buzzwords and jargon. Avoid them and keep a straightforward approach which creates less controversy and complexities in the readers’ minds. Do not use hyperbole or phrases like “revolutionary” or “game-changing” which sounds cliche and self-proclaimed.

5. Do Publish on Your Website

Make sure to publish your press release on the blog site or your business website. You can also share the PR content via mail to the supporters and users who have subscribed to your company newsletter. If the distribution agency publishes your PR on social media, you should share it on your social media accounts as well. Consider using the hashtag #pressrelease which can help to reach a more niche audience.

6. Don’t Forget PR Distribution

Press release distribution is one of the most crucial aspects for a company and when it is a non-profit organization, the distribution needs to be even more accurate to get more investors. That is why, it is recommended to leverage a distribution service that comes with a huge network comprised of news and media platforms. Professional agencies can help you reach the right audience through credible channels and media outlets. This way, you can also improve your company’s website’s SEO which helps to acquire a higher rank on the search engine result pages. The professional agencies also provide clear analytics which helps to understand your PR’s effectiveness.

7. Do Create a Media Kit

Every website must have a media kit which is a collection of a company’s PRs, announcements, company bio, and other information regarding your organization. If you are not sure what your company’s media kit should include; check the websites of the other non-profit organizations and see what other companies have in their media kits. It can take several drafts before get the right media kit for your company.

Bottom Line

The biggest asset for non-profit organizations is their client base from where the company generates its funds and runs the operations. In order to gain more potential investors and retain existing clients, a press release works quite well. It is authentic content that is trusted by most other industry leaders, business owners, clients, investors as well as journalists. Find a reliable professional PR agency to embark on a successful journey ahead for your non-profit organization.

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