PLTR Parallels With Microsoft Unappreciated Future Network Impact


There are several publications on Palantir Technology (PLTR) at present, hence, in this study we plan to cover facets untouched by the investor community to date. The stock is embroiled in controversy and currently losing hundreds of millions, hence, some context of the driving fundamental values of the owners and knowing the trajectory thus far, is needed to resolve some investor reservations.

Summary of management

PLTR was some years ahead of competitiveness due to the outstanding trading in short and medium term losses for long term dominance. Actually, no direct rivals actually exist. Today, companies want to continue building data access on their own or with disparate tailored third-party applications.

This moat was based on a deep-rooted and permanent emphasis on separating the best components from human beings and computers and expanding the limits of a user interface. The latest standardization of PLTR applications has also been implemented and has provided for organizational leverage.

Institution/company clients from both sides – as the firm is still in its infancy with a scaling level. With a limited number of clients and an immature market, the company has surpassed 1 billion dollars in revenue.

If the corporation further refine its business model, driving ever greater margins for gross and contribution, we conclude that this is a first-class organization. When more activities have been acquired and the market has expanded, the corporation has a major potential to create multi-dimensional “flat-wheel” network effects – within the organisation, within specific vertical and within PLTR itself.

The ethical principles underlying

It is helpful to know a little about the CEO to understand why the first four PLTR members chose Karp to lead PLTR. Karp studied law at Stanford back in the early 1990s and met Thiel for the first time.

Since completing a law degree at Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, he earned a doctorate in neoclassical social theory. His research was entitled “Aggression in life-world,” an evolution of the works of Talcott Parsons, a well-known sociologist. The sociologic theory underlying much of Parsons’ work seems to have deeply influenced the Karp trip and PLTR. Structural functionalism is a sociological theory.

The shared ground for Karp and Thiel is therefore the CIA that becomes the first PLTR client, with the following: the FBI, NSA, state police and others. Thiel and Karp have built a sound basis in this shared understanding on the value of security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to work together to form PLTR and to have a significant and gratifying way to make a positive effect on the planet. You can get more information from PLTR news before investing.

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