PPC tactics to effectively reach and engage your target consumers online



It is 2021 and the entire business world is online trying to reach and engage prospective customers in order to market products and services. Digital marketing has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of marketing and grown exponentially as an industry itself in India in the recent past.

Digital marketing comprises a collection of processes conducted through multiple digital media platforms for reaching out to the maximum number of consumers possible for better sales performances. One such process is PPC or Pay Per Click advertising.

It is very tactical in approach and can yield quick ROI when done by a professional PPC company.

7 PPC tactics to effectively reach and engage targeted consumers 

We have come up with 7 effective PPC tactics which we hope will benefit anyone planning to formulate a campaign. As a responsible PPC company, we love creating informed and educated marketers.

  • Advertise on multiple platforms 

If you want to effectively reach out to your customers and widen the scope of the engagement. This simply increases the probabilities of conversions. While a majority of people use Google ads and that’s an intelligent move because it is widely used but that doesn’t mean that you will neglect other platforms. Target your audience on other channels like social media platforms such as Facebook.

  • Launch remarketing campaigns with long-tail keywords 

Remarketing is one of the best PPC practices because it enables you to seal the deal with potential customers whom you have missed by a hair. Remember that consumers who have browsed through your website are more likely to buy from you. A good way to remarket is to follow your long-tail keyword queries in every remarketing platform so retarget your customers with a PPC Advertising Agency.

  • Include Ad extensions

As extensions aren’t a new addition to PPC strategies but definitely a very effective one. That is why Ad networks like Google Ads, continue to expand their list of ad extensions and you should stay updated. You could add message extensions to enable your customers to text you or go with call extensions for them to call you or price extensions which give them information on the prices of the products you sell.

  • Design Mobile first landing pages 

More than half of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile users. That is my most of the as clicks and online transactions occur from mobile devices. So do not forget about being mobile-friendly when it comes to PPC strategies and design excellent landing pages to give a spectacular experience to your customers.

  • Target look alike and similar audience 

Try lookalike audiences on Facebook and similar audiences on Google Ads because that allows your business to take your audience targeting to an unmatched depth and accuracy. The best part is that combining such tactics with a display remarketing campaign can increase your conversion rate drastically. Recreate your user targeting strategies and experiment with a lookalike and similar audiences in your PPC strategy.

  • Go for an Advertising Slush Fund 

Usually advertisers tend to have a monthly PPC budget allocated for their ads, and they put up their ads as scheduled and see how well they perform. Although this is a common practice, it can be limiting, as it does not allow being responsive to trends. However with an advertising slush fund at your disposal, you can come up with ads when something viral comes up. If the ad you come up with is so good that it will surely perform, then go ahead and use the funds to run it. 

  • Turn Off Audience Network in Facebook Ads 

You can avoid as much as 90% of click fraud from sketchy sites by turning off the audience network in Facebook Ads. This will help you effectively target prospective customers online and be cost effective for your campaign as well.

With these effective PPC strategies, you will always be on top of your marketing and advertising goals, thereby luring traffic, penetrating your target audience and making them swear by your brand’s product or services! Feel free to connect with PPC Experts at Digital Udit in case you need a groundbreaking PPC campaign formulated and executed for you. We love helping businesses grow.

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