How to Maintain Your Glasses?


When you are using your glasses to see clearly, it is very important to take good care of them so your visio30n is the best it can be. They are meant to last for years and some even lifetime depending on the quality. You will take care of them especially if they are Gucci Glasses or some similar premium brand that can be quite expensive but worth considering how long it lasts.

You won’t be able to prevent some scratches that can happen to anyone, but you can clean them every day. It can be annoying in some conditions where they get dirty easily but with the right set of tools and knowledge, it will become a routine. Make sure you know which material it is made of because there are different methods with metal, rubber or plastic.

Make Sure They Are Clean

The first step is to use warm water to remove any dust particles that you can’t see but can scratch the lens. You shouldn’t use hot water because it can cause damage to the lens or, depending on the material and quality other parts can be damaged. Dish detergent can be one of the solutions but soap also works if you don’t have a detergent. Rub it carefully and cover both sides of the glass and let it dry out.

You can use a clean cloth made of microfiber of cotton and rub it in circles until it is completely dry. Even towels and tissues can cause damage if you are not gentle with them. Another mistake is to use your shirt to clean them.Click here to read more.

Handle Them Properly

Besides making sure they are clean, you should know how to handle them properly because some of the mistakes are the top reasons why they don’t last too long. For example, you should place them away during certain activities like sleeping, playing sports, showering or swimming. Remove them using your both hands because they can get misaligned otherwise.

Touching the lenses can be very annoying because you leave fingerprints behind and you will need to cleanse them again. Don’t even touch the bridge, only the temples of the frames so you can avoid accidental contact. When you are placing them away, put them with the frames up even if the surface is clean.

Keep Them in Good Shape

If you are managing them well and you have them for a while, you should check if they are a bit loose. This is a common thing, so take them to the nearest optician to realign them. Most of them will do it for free because it takes a few seconds to do.

Always remember to use your case when you are bringing them to work or any other location outside of your home. They will catch a lot of dust if you place them anywhere you like or potentially damage them if you are outside. You can also use a strap if you are constantly misplacing them and losing them.

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