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Once you begin investing in stocks, you may get to learn a lot the hard way. You are definitely going to make money. you also get to lose money. And some things you are just going to learn from being in the realm of know.  there are so many things that you do check like vedanta share price, the performance of a specific sector, the market and more right? So, why not also be mindful about some secrets that could be game changers for your investment endeavours?

NO to Shortcuts

Some investors are not really willing to do the essential groundwork, and they simply hunt for a shortcut. Everyone wants an edge when they are investing in stocks. The market can really seem (and could even be) overwhelming, and any perk seems like a good chance to score well. However, manifold investors think shortcuts are the way to growth and ultimate success. Most of the times such shortcuts come in the shape of a tip from a friend or even associate. The power of a personal recommendation is quite compelling, even if the suggestion is emerging from someone who may know less about investing than you may be doing. So the point is you have to think yourself and do the research and not to follow any shortcut. The point is investments can vary from person to person.

Guard your rationality & gains

Once you invest, you want to guard your profits. Because markets can turn on a tanner. No matter what the fundamentals indicate , market sentiment plays games with the overall stock market. in case sentiment turns sour, the market fall may be a bitter or sore pill to swallow. Therefore, It’s a great idea to accompany your stock purchases with that of a stop-loss order.

Don’t get into dark side of stock marketing

You have no idea how there are dark areas or corners in the stock marketing.  Dark pools are where exactly the institutions and investment bankers dwell, and private investors are simply prohibited. But,  they have been there for nearly decades. In this present time of transparent markets, dark arenas have floated to the surface of regulators’ sort of concerns.

If you are wondering what really is a dark pool then  it is like a private club. It is a flippantly regulated trading exchange, open just to the invited few. These are run by the huge sized investment banks. Institutional investors trade millions of shares via dark pools every single day. The investment banks do take a tiny commission. They even receive to see market moving trades before they even take place . And they can make use of this information (and trades) to simply border their positions or even speculate on the overall market. the point is these dark pools generally are not fair as they simply hire critical information from private investors. These are the ones that develop a two-tier market.


To sum up, since you know lesser known things about stock marketing now, make sure that you invest better and not bitter. Check out 5paisa for better investment ideas.

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