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Being a hardcore gamer, your dire need is to have a robust and blazing internet connection at your home. Why? Because only that kind of internet connection can deliver optimal internet performance with the least possibility to lag or halt your game. No gamer wishes to experience buffering or lag while gaming especially when they are about to win.

That’s the reason we all look for an internet service provider like CenturyLink Internet which can deliver a blazingly fast, and reliable internet speed with sufficient download and upload speeds and low latency rate. CenturyLink is one of the leading ISPs in the United States offering exceptional internet, home phone, and cable TV services to commercial and residential customers.

Moreover, the ISP has an extended range of internet plans perfect for hardcore gamers which is crucial for you to get the right internet speed for a smooth gaming experience. If you are a hardcore gamer and want to explore what the ISP holds in its bucket for you, you are on the right blog.

CenturyLink – The Best Internet Choice for Hardcore Gamers

Various factors contribute to the excellent reputation of this ISP across the country as the best choice for hardcore gamers. From a variety of internet plans, speed tiers, and price tags to reliable connectivity and consistent speed, you will get a lot from the house of this ISP.

Moreover, the ISP is delivering highly secure internet services along with plenty of other features through its strong infrastructure. You can access DSL and fiber-optic networks to get highly reliable connectivity for your home. Its fiber-to-the-loop technology based on a DSL network creates robust and highly reliable internet connectivity which is perfect for gaming.

How the ISP is Delivering Reliable Internet Connection for Hardcore Gamers

It is because of the DSL and fiber-optic internet networks that the ISP is delivering highly reliable connectivity and consistently fast internet speeds to its customers. The data flow through this network reaches out to every connection across the distribution point at particular locations.

From there, the data is further transferred to copper-made phone lines so it can deliver to every subscriber. The DSL network owned by this ISP can deliver way faster internet speeds than many other providers. It is because CenturyLink is utilizing DSL technology which has led to the development of hybrid networking configurations.

Unfortunately, the ISP has limited coverage for its fiber-optic internet services across the United States of America. Therefore, you can only access this network across a few parts of the country. But the ISP understands the significance of reliable and consistently fast internet speeds and thus deploys smart technologies to facilitate the nation with the best internet services.

That’s the reason the ISP is massively investing to expand its fiber internet network across the major areas of the United States.

Plethora of Internet Plans for Hardcore Gamers

Other than the strong and reliable internet connectivity the ISP is providing through its DSL and fiber internet networks, you will get a variety of internet plans at this platform to meet your gaming needs. Each of the internet plans is perfectly designed to meet your needs and deliver all the essential functions to achieve your desired gaming goals.

The extended range of internet plans available for you at this window has made it easier for you to find out the perfect fit for your gaming needs at the best price. So, you can easily fulfill your gaming requirements without paying a hefty amount every month.

There is still a lot you need to discover before deciding whether or not the ISP would be the perfect choice for your gaming needs. But worry not because we have added many interesting features of internet plans you can get at this ISP that will provide you enough reasons to choose CenturyLink as your gaming partner.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic!

What Makes CenturyLink Internet the Best Choice for Hardcore Gaming – Top Three Reasons

Blazingly Fast Internet Speeds

With every internet plan available at this ISP, you will get faster internet speeds compared to many other options available in your area. The ISP has pledged to deliver the best internet experience to its customers and therefore has tailored its internet plans to deliver the fastest possible internet speeds.

Interestingly, with CenturyLink, you can access the fastest internet speed even for the cheapest internet plan. Whether you go for the DSL or fiber internet network, the ISP will never disappoint you when it comes to reliability and internet speed. That’s the reason it is ranked among the top ISPs in the US.

The Gigabit Speed of CenturyLink Fiber Internet

You must have heard about the wonders of gigabit speed which enable users to get 940 Mbps (up to) internet speed via a fiber internet network. This internet speed assures you have the optimal gaming experience. Moreover, the fiber internet network is a highly reliable and strong internet network that delivers consistent internet speed and reliable connectivity.

It means if you go for a fiber internet connection, you will get freedom from internet lags, buffers, inconsistent connectivity, or speed issues. However, for such seamless connectivity, you should be lucky enough to reside in an area where the ISP has coverage for fiber internet.

Perks You will Get with Fiber Gigabit Internet Plans

  • Symmetrical download/upload speed of 940 Mbps max (up to) through a wired connection
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Affordable price tag

Freedom from Contracts and Responsive Customer Services

You will also enjoy 24/7 accessibility to its highly responsive and cooperative customer support team. Moreover, the ISP does not bind its customers to sign any contract while subscribing to any of its internet plans or services.

It means you will enjoy ultimate freedom from data caps, internet lags or buffers, inconsistent speed issues, and contractual obligations remaining under your budget when you subscribe to CenturyLink’s internet plans for gamers.

Four Features You Should Check in any Internet Plan

Being a hardcore gamer, you should look for four basic features in any internet plan so you can have a trouble-free and right internet plan for you. These features are listed below so let’s check them out!

  • Download Speed – For casual gaming, it should be up to 25 Mbps at least, while for competitions, a minimum of 50 Mbps is appropriate.
  • Upload Speed – For recreational gaming, it should be 5 Mbps at least whereas, for competitions, a minimum of 10 Mbps, and for live broadcast, 15 – 20 Mbps is appropriate.
  • Ping Time or Latency – For DSL: 24–42 milliseconds, for cable: 15–27 milliseconds, and for fiber: 10–15 milliseconds.

In a Nutshell

No doubt CenturyLink Internet Plans are the perfect choice for any hardcore gamer but if you want to make your journey with the ISP more pleasant and satisfying, you need to consider all the factors we have discussed above.

Moreover, we recommend you contact CenturyLink’s customer support team to discuss your gaming needs. It will help you significantly to get your hands on the perfect internet plan for your gaming needs with the least effort.

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