Creative and Customised Gifts to Buy For Your Loved Ones


From ancient times, gifts have always been regarded as a way to express feelings and emotions. This is why we present and expect gifts on occasions and events. Gifting is a thing that’s not quantifiable as they come in different shapes and sizes. But, gifting may have turned from an interesting moment to just one of those event rituals as some of the gifts being presented have become a broken record. You can surprise your loved ones on such occasions with customised gifts from FlowerAura. So be it a cake, mug, notebook, mouse pad, lamp, or a gift card, it will always have a unique touch with your loved ones in mind. In this post, we share some of the creative and customised gifts you can buy for your loved ones from FlowerAura. Take a look.


Cakes have always been part of many celebrations from baby showers, birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, anniversaries, and many festivals. Cakes can be made with different flavours, ingredients, and designs to suit the requirement. It is easy for anyone without cake experience to choose the ideal combinations that will be loved and enjoyed at any celebration. All you need to do is place your cake order online well in advance, this gives you enough time to customise the cake. You will find a variety of cakes like red velvet, black forest, chocolate, vanilla, and many more!


We may have favourite drinks but a hot cup of coffee, tea, or herbs is a universal thing. But just gifting your loved one with a plain mug surely seems odd, they already have a set, two, or more of them. You can liven up your loved one’s kitchen with a customised mug, and put a smile on them each time they are having a warming cup of happiness on a cold day in winter. You can customise the mug with a photo, name, and art of your choice. You will always find a variety of creative design ideas on FlowerAura’s website. 


When time passes and memories fade, you will always turn back to what you penned down. Gifting your loved ones with a notebook shows that you do care for their memories. You can go a step further to make this notebook gift one they will always have by their side when it’s customised. So think about a message/quote, photo, and a calendar with special days to take note of.

Mouse Pads

With the world quickly turning into a computerised landscape, it’s becoming a norm that most of our loved ones spend much of their time behind the screen, typing and doing some work. You can gift them with a customised mouse pad, they will spend most of their time clicking and moving the mouse pad. So think about those motivational quotes and funny lines to keep them happy while at work. 

Gift Cards

From compliments of the festive season to sending a bouquet of flowers, gift cards are always a great way to express your gesture. So if you are planning to surprise your loved ones, but are not able to visit them on such a special day, send your gifts with a customised gift card. You can have the card designed with photos, messages, or even have them 3D printed.

Customised Lamp

With so many options for customising gifts, who would have thought that a lamp will be in such a category? We use lamps or lighting, in general, each and every day when we need to brighten our personal spaces. Customising these personal spaces can simply be done with a customised lamp. You can put photos or have them written such that when they are lit the design emblems the entire space.

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