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Paintings are one of the best home décor items. They have been around us since ages. Everyone love paintings because they are so colorful, lively, and beautifully decorated. However, the talented painters who created such stunning paintings get ignored most of the time. We forget to appreciate their creativity and skills of making classic paintings. People who love collecting paintings are always in search of masterpieces and they are ready to buy paintings online at any budget because they love it! You should know about five iconic painters in the world who have given amazing paintings to the world of art. If you ever want a great painting for your interior, then check out the collection of the following painters.

1. Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh is a legendary painter who is popular across the world. All of his paintings have a magical appeal and astound a lot of art enthusiasts. It is an amazing fact that he made 900 paintings in a very short duration of 9 years. He worked in the art industry from November 1881 to July 1890. He painted impressive landscape paintings as well as still life paintings. He usually prefers bold colors to beautify his paintings due to which each painting becomes a masterpiece. Some of his best paintings include Almond Tree, Starry Nights, Sunflowers, and Poppies. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box landscape paintings, then you must check out his collection. You can buy landscape paintings online by Vincent Van Gogh at reasonable prices at famous art-selling platforms.

2. Paul Gauguin Paintings

Another famous painter in the world of art is Paul Gauguin. In the early days of his career, he was a skilled impressionist but later he adopted Symbolism style of painting. He was one of the painters who were able to impress Pablo Picasso, a renowned artist. In spite of his great talent, he did not get any fame during his life. However, now he has got his due appreciation and credit for contribution to the art industry. He was famous for his random color preference to smarten up his paintings. He loved French Peninsula lifestyle & routine so he painted ‘Tahiti’. He also gave some amazing landscape paintings that you can check out.

3. Kamisaka Sekka Paintings

Kamisaka Sekka is a notable painter who caught attention of people for a unique combination of modern art and conventional Japanese art. He was famous as a proficient Rimpa Style artist. You will love his masterpiece paintings because he did not just painted on paper canvas but also on ceramics, textiles, and lacquer ware, etc. Talking about his best works, he painted a woodlock series ‘Momoyagusa’. There are three volumes of this woodlock series.

4. Edvard Munch Paintings

Edvard Munch was one of the most supportive painters of modern art. He was a Norwegian artist who was inspired by 3 varied styles of paintings i.e. Expressionism, Symbolism, and Post-Impressionism. Having an emotionally charged mental state, he painted amazing pieces that induce a feeling of isolation. ‘The Scream’ was his best painting.

5. Henri Rousseau Paintings

Henri Rousseau led the way for avant-garde artists; they opposed the regular guidelines for art to mark a new journey. The shocking fact is that he did get any professional training and art education; he learnt everything all by self. Despite of formal training absence in his career, he was respected by Pablo Picasso. You will also be astounded to know that Pablo Picasso tossed a feast in his regards in the 20th century. And, this treat became one of the most remarkable ceremonies of that time.

Talking about his best works of art, he created ‘Tiger in the Tropical Storm’ in the year 1891. You can definitely check out his painting collection to give your interior an artistic feel and look.

Final Thought

 No matter whether you wish to have a modern piece of art or a conventional one, the painting collections of the above 5 iconic painters are highly versatile and worth checking out. There is a painting for all taste and preference. You can buy nature painting, and buy floral paintings online for home décor and gifting reasons.

 Let us know below what you think about these 5 iconic painters.

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