Kitchen Under the Stairs


The kitchen is certainly an important space in your home. You should very carefully design it. Otherwise, the kitchen might not be functional. Do not worry if you do not have sufficient free space to create a large modular kitchen. Modular kitchens are customisable and can be created anywhere, depending on your needs. You can even make use of the space under the kitchen. It may not be considered the most appropriate space, but you can certainly make it work when you do not have free space. If you are not sure about how to create the perfect kitchen design under the stairs, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Always follow the golden triangle rule

The golden triangle rule is followed by all experts when designing a kitchen. It states that the three most important aspects of your kitchen, the hob, fridge, and sink, should be positioned in a manner that when you move between these three points, you should move in a triangle. This is because it makes working in the kitchen more convenient. Even if you do not have a lot of free space under the stairs, you should follow this rule. You will be able to easily access everything and complete cooking faster. People often make the mistake of placing them in a straight line. However, make sure that you do not place the sink or hob in a place where standing straight will not be possible while trying to create the triangle. You will have to stand in front of them for quite a long while cooking and cleaning the dishes. Your neck will start to hurt. Also, you may hit your head accidentally.

02 of 05 Organise very carefully

The space under the stairs will not be able to provide as much free space as a regular room. You will have to accommodate everything in your limited storage. Hence, organising all your items properly is very crucial. This will help to make use of space efficiently. Plan your storage carefully beforehand for this purpose. Make sure a dedicated space is created for all your essentials. It will allow you to store everything in your modular kitchen. Also, try to store them close to the area where you might need them. For instance, the spoons and spatula organiser should be created near the hob so that you can easily access everything while cooking. This will help to save more time while cooking.

03 of 05 Come up with unique space-saving ideas

As mentioned earlier, you will not have a lot of free space under the stairs. Organising all your items only will not help. You will have to create a space-efficient smart modular kitchen design as well. There are many different smart space-saving kitchen ideas used by experts to accommodate all the essentials in small kitchens. For instance, you can opt for a foldaway trolley instead of an island. Or, you can create cabinets that make use of the corner space efficiently. There are many such other kitchen ideas you can consider. If you are not sure about what to do, you can check online a few smart kitchen storage ideas by experts for inspiration. Just make sure that the stair design matches your kitchen design.

04 of 05 Pay attention to the lighting

The space under the kitchen generally does not have a window. Hence, you will not have a lot of natural light in your kitchen. Even if you have a large window nearby, it might not be very effective. You will mainly have to prioritise artificial lighting. Thankfully, there are many different lighting fixtures available in the market. You can choose any option, according to your preferences. Just make sure that they are not so large that you cannot fit them under the stairs. Also, ensure that the lighting complements your stair design. Install functional lights that will make working in the kitchen easier. For instance, countertop lights are very essential so that you can perform your prep work comfortably.

However, do not keep yourself limited to just functional lights. It will make your kitchen appear boring. Opt for layered lighting so that your kitchen is functional and appealing. This will ensure that you have a good cooking experience.

05 of 05 Ventilation is crucial

The kitchen gets very warm when you cook for a long time. Moreover, a lot of smells and smoke spread inside your kitchen when you cook. If you do not have ventilation in your kitchen, they will spread in your home. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for a kitchen under the stairs. The best solution is creating a window. If that is not possible, make sure that you invest in a quality kitchen chimney with high suction power. It will ensure that the smoke does not spread in your home by moving it out of your home through the duct. In case you have a window near your kitchen, keep it open while cooking for better ventilation.

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