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Working from home can become tedious and lonely so it’s vital you surround yourself with positivity and décor that will inspire you to be productive. If you don’t go to the office that often, why not bring the office vibe to you? There are little things, upgrades and decorations which can make all the difference in how you feel while working remotely. It’s important to set boundaries between your work and personal life because if you are feeling negative emotions while working from home, that could translate into your time off and continue even after you finish your workday.

Here at House Sales Direct, we have gathered some of the most effective and smart ideas about how to decorate your home office in a way to promote productivity and positive mindfulness. Whether that is with adding living houseplants or placing your desk facing a window, it’s important to make sense for you and you only.

1. Add Greenery

One of the first things that people add to their offices whether that is at home or in the actual office is a houseplant. They are known to improve the air quality while also the green colour stimulates peace of mind. Bringing the outdoors inside and inviting nature to your working space can positively impact your mental state by keeping you at ease at all times.

Check out the infographic below for more benefits of having greenery in the office!

cubicle standing desk

Infographic provided by Arnold’s Office Furniture, a cubicle standing desk provider

2. Add Art

Creativity in your space is vital no matter the essence of your job. Whether you put numbers in an excel sheet or create advertisements, a little personalization and creativity in your office is required to boost your imagination. It’s proven that your cognitive functions work better when stimulated visually so hanging a piece of art which you enjoy looking at could help improve your overall mood and therefore productivity while working from home.

3. Face A Window

Natural light certainly plays a massive factor in the positive mindset and productivity of a person working remotely. Since you are not going out to commute to work, you have the need of natural light more than anyone. Placing your desk in front of a window can give you that sense of openness. What’s more, if you have a good view of nature, that is even better for keeping you relaxed and at peace during any hectic work situations. If you don’t have many windows and your room seems too dark and lacking brightness, then painting the walls in a white/cream colour could mimic the more natural, lighter feel of the room.

4. Make it Cozy

For anyone who has worked from their bed, it’s fair to say that they did not reach peak productivity on that day. However, there should be balance in everything and having your work from home space too cozy or not cozy at all can be an issue. You still want to feel comfortable and at ease so that you can perform the best you can. If you are cold, for example, you may not reach that productivity level which is desired so why not give yourself some blankets and cushions to add that soft touch to your design. Moreover, you could invite warm light and candles in order to contribute to this cozy, homey feel.

5. Standing Desk

If you have worked from home for a long time now, you are probably feeling rather stiff from sitting on your chair all day and then moving onto the couch straight after work. If that is the case, you may benefit from a standing desk. These are becoming rapidly popular in recent months as it allows you to work in both standing and sitting positions. There are scientific studies which now show that there are many health benefits as well to switching positions throughout the day such as better blood pressure and back pain relief. Some have even upgraded this to a treadmill instead.

6. Focus on Lighting

It can make all the difference to a living space which is why it’s so important to not neglect it when doing so. Bright ideas are born in bright places so if you can make use of the natural light, then position your office in a well-lit room. However, not everyone can take advantage of that so in that case you should get enough lights to lit up the room in the best possible way. You don’t want shadows to be falling on your desks as you are working so a desk lamp is a must.

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