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When building a house, we focus on everything but sometimes we take very lightly the interior

design of the bathroom and its drainage systems. If you are facing such drainage problems every day, then you can hire a professional drain repair wellington. Just as we do all the things done in the house carefully, we should also keep in mind the interior of the bathroom and drainage system. Some people think that there is no need for designing a bathroom but this type of thinking is totally wrong!

Designing a bathroom is also an art. You have to select good tiles, fittings, and fixtures. If you want a good interior design, it is very important that you should not compromise with the quality of bathroom tiles. Along with the interior, you also have to pay attention to the drainage system which also works well. If the outflow and inflow of water are not working properly then you will not get any benefits to make the interior of your bathroom beautiful.

If you want to make a good drainage system these points should keep in mind:

Should be fitted to the floor surface

If the drainage system is fitted to the floor surface then it will not look odd and no one will know that there is a drainage system under the floor.

According to bathroom aesthetic

Every home buyer must have seen that some people have bathrooms whose drainage fitting does not match the interior of the bathroom at all. It should be matching the bathroom aesthetic.

Daily Routine Use fittings

There are some fittings and fixtures in the bathroom which are very tight and sometimes they get hurt whenever we use them.  You should not have such kinds of fittings. You can use that kind of fittings which is easy to use without interruption.

As you know, the drainage system is created because it stores all the wastewater which comes from your bathroom. It is connected with the secondary sewer system. So all the water that comes from the bathroom goes through the sewer into the central system. Do you know? There are 2 types of the drainage system

  1. Traditional Floor Wastes
  2. Linear Drains
  3. Traditional Floor Wastes

Usually, traditional floor wastes are like QuARTz by ACO’s ShowerPoint. When we take a shower you can see that there is a lot of waste which collects on the floor. All the water stuck in one place which is not appropriate.

If you want to overcome this problem you can make a flooring plan before building a bathroom. You can take help of any expert for making a 3D structure of bathroom flooring.

2. Linear Drains

The linear drain can be fitted anywhere within the shower area. Linear drains help to allow the water to flow through the drain or channel. The linear drain is mainly used for shower purposes.

You can use these linear drains for both wet and dry areas. Basically, it is safe and easily accessible to wheelchairs, commodes, and other bathroom aids. It only requires a 2D grading structure of the floor towards the channel.

Selecting the primary and secondary drain grate design

Planning for the layout of the bathroom drainage? First, you have to decide which design you want? Whether it is primary or secondary drain grate design. But I would say you should go with a combination of linear drains in the shower and central flooring waste. You can also consider the position of the drain in such a way that will intercept the flow of water in the shower.

Linear drains can be in such a position where it can be against the wall with the bathroom floor towards the wall. This type of drain can alternatively be installed in the shower. Whenever you install the linear drains the bathroom floor should slope towards the shower to outflow.

Here are some points through which you can make your bathroom more stylish in 2021:

1. Well-integrated lighting

It is very important to have good lighting in the bathroom. Good lighting makes feel like you are standing in a luxury bathroom.

2. Circles or frames mirror

The mirror plays an important role in interior design. In earlier times, you have seen that mirror is only used for seeing a face but now it’s part of bathroom interior design.

3. Artificial plants

As you know, it is a little difficult to have living plants in the bathroom. So you can replace them with artificial plants which give some refreshing look to your bathroom.

4. 3D or graphic wallpaper

This type of interior design is now in the trend. I personally like this 3D or graphic wallpaper in the bathroom.

5. Large tubs and brass finishing

Large tubs and good brass finishing give the classy look to the bathroom. If you want to renovate or create a new bathroom then, I would say you should go with large tubs and classy brass finishing.

Final Words

The main issue of drainage always starts from the bathroom and kitchen. The bathroom is not just a place for cleaning up. It should be kept as beautiful as your other rooms. The drainage system should be perfect because it is the main reason to have a clean bathroom. We should keep in mind that we need Drain Lining Wellington for repairing any kind of drainage problems.

It’s simple you can’t ignore the drainage system. It is very essential to keep your house free from water problems. The bathroom is the main area where you can find lots and lots of water. If not installed properly, it can lead to so many infectious diseases.

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