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Last night at the dinner table my daughter announced that no one is allowed to enter her room for two hours as she is throwing a watch party. Before I tried to remind her of the no-party until the pandemic rule of the house she made it clear that it is just a watch party and no one is coming home or going out.  Well, the Facebook watch party was part of the birthday celebration of the idol boy. Fans from all around the globe were going to celebrate that. Although time-matched was late at night, I warned her to sleep on time but she said no worries no school tomorrow. Irritating kids right?

Modern technology lets us enjoy live concerts from the living room couch and throw a party in the middle of the night in pajamas. This is extraordinary and frightening at the same time. You think your teen is in the room in front of your eyes,but you don’t know what he or she is capable to do with these gadgets that you have given them from this early age. Internet and social media is the biggest success and one of the loopholes that can play with today’s teen mind. Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat,WhatsApp has the power to connect two people residing in opposite corners of the world.  With the common use of these social media apps,monitoring of these apps is also a mandatory step everyone must take. OgyMogy FaceBook spy app feature is the luxury anyone can afford at this time.

Check out the Virtual Friend:

Facebook spy feature lets the user have access to the news feed of the teenager.You can check all of the friend’s list even if they have set the privacy. Know about their friend and make sure no bully or stalker is added to their FaceBook account. Anyone can make a fake account on the platform by using a bogus name or id information. Protect the teen from those kinds of obsessed friends and followers and assure their safety on the digital platform.

Have Access To Their Chat Box:

Facebook Messenger is like an instant messaging chat app that allows the user to send audio and video voice messages, text and you can even share media files like document through the app. Anyone can slide into the DM of the teen who has access to a Facebook account. It lets the user check the message box of the teen. So monitor who are they in contact with through the chat box of the FaceBook app. Your teen might have been bullied,stalked, harassed, or even blackmailed on social media and you will have no idea about that due to his or her shy nature. But not now as the android spy app lets the user know about every major and minor digital life activity of the target person.

Monitor The Facebook Call Log:

Facebook is a complete package in a sense as it offers all kinds of entertainment through a single platform. You can chat,call, and enjoy news feed activities by making an account on the FaceBook platform. Anyone living in any country or religion can contact each other if they have access to the internet. Make sure you know about the teen company on Facebook by using the spy app. Keep a strict eye on the incoming and outgoing call records of your teen’s Facebook account.

Updates About The Shared Media:

Facebook users can share any kind of media in the form of audio or video file,or documents. Make sure your kid is not sharing adult content or,violent material through the Facebook app. You can also assure the fact that he or she may not receive the above-mentioned content as well.

As you have learned about the extraordinary benefits of the FaceBook spy app, you can check other features as well like Instagram screen recorder, Snapchat screen recorder, WhatsApp screen recorder, Gmail screen recorder, Skype screen recorder, and many more. Separate Mac and Windows spy app versions are offered by the OgyMogy app for respective users. Moreover, the android spy app lets the user monitor the digital activities of the target through their smartphones.

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