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There are many decor items available that you can use to invite good feng shui into your interiors. Opting for good feng shui objects does not necessarily mean you have to choose any Chinese or Asian decor item. Often, you can create the best feng shui in your home by using the commonly used home decor items. If you do not know how to use the various popular decor items with good feng shui in your home, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 07 Add fresh flowers

One of the best feng shui decor elements you can use to decorate your home interiors is fresh flowers. You can use them to bring life force energy and joy into your home. Besides the feng shui element, fresh flowers have a beautiful scent that makes the interiors smell fresh and clean. However, you must ensure that you take care of the flowers if you place them in your room. This includes keeping them in vases and changing the water timely. Make sure you dispose of the flowers when they get dry. Dead and decomposing flowers attract negative energy into your homes.

02 of 07 Add houseplants

Besides using flowers, you can infuse nature into your interior design by adding houseplants to the decor. This is one of the best ways to attract good feng shui into your home. Not only do green living plants help to purify the air indoors but also attract positive energy. Also, they help to add more colours and textures to the interior design and enhance its appeal. According to experts, choosing plants with soft and rounded leaves has the maximum impact. Plants that appear spiky, thorny, or sharp are not considered a good option for attracting positive energies. Also, you must ensure that the plants are watered and cared for. Neglected plants in your home decor are not good for feng shui.

04 of 07 A welcome mat at the door

When entering your home, one of the first things your guests will see is the welcome mat. Hence, it has a huge impact on how the world sees you and what kind of energy you invite into your home. Make sure you keep a few things in mind while choosing the welcome like its size and colour. Choose a welcome mat that does not appear too big or too small for the entrance. You can choose a black or red welcome mat to attract more positive feng shui. For nourishment, choose a brown welcome mat and grey is best suited for inviting helpful people. Also, your front and entrance and welcome mat should be clean at all times. It should feel welcoming.

05 of 07 Add diffusers

Experts recommend aromatherapy for attracting good Feng shui into your home. Choose a good quality diffuser for your home interiors and make sure that you keep it clean at all times. Also, you must buy good essential oils. The best essential oils you can buy are:

Diffuse Sweet Orange: This is a great option to add more charm to any space. According to feng shui, oranges represent life energy.

Palo Santo: It gives your room a very fresh feel. It has a light and minty fragrance that attracts more positive energy into your home.

Lavender: Choose lavender for your bedroom to promote good sleep and relaxation.

 06 of 07 Use candles

Infuse the fire element into your home interiors by adding candles to the setup. Candles are often associated with wisdom in various spiritual traditions. Also, it helps to bring in various inspirational qualities. The soft glow further helps to light up the space and enhance the appeal of the space. For a more appealing and organised look, use candle stands.  Also, choose high-quality and organic products only.

07 of 07 Hang mirrors

There are various ways you can improve the feng shui in your home by adding mirrors to your home decor. According to feng shui, mirrors represent wisdom and clarity because they reflect the truth. Make sure you only use clean and high-quality mirrors for inviting good feng shui into your home. Hanging broken mirrors should always be avoided.

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