Laptop Motherboard Safely


Is your laptop giving you blue screen errors or booting problems? There might be Motherboard damage. Do not panic. In most cases of minor damage, it’s possible to repair the Motherboard of your laptop at home. Since the motherboard contains many sensitive components that can be damaged from incorrect soldering or overheating, this process requires patience and attention to detail. However, if you follow these instructions carefully there is no reason why your laptop should not function as great as new once again!

About Laptop Motherboard’s Life Span

The average lifespan of a laptop motherboard is usually between three and five years depending on the quality of the hardware parts used in its construction and how well it is looked after by the owner.

However, the motherboard of your laptop starts showing signs of damage sooner or later. To get this particular hardware of laptop fixed, you have two options- either avail laptop repair service or buy a new device. Buying a new device can be highly expensive so you can go for a proffessional  laptop repair at home service provider.

How to Repair Laptop Motherboard Safely

This blog explains the steps of motherboard laptop repair due to different hardware issues.


If your laptop’s display doesn’t turn on, you need to see that there is no loose video cable connection. Do a proper cable check by disconnecting & reconnecting it to the motherboard.

Hardware Graphic  Card

In case you use a Graphic card to connect to the motherboard, consider removing it and clicking the video wire on the display. Then restart your laptop. If your device boots flawlessly, you need to change the damaged Graphic card.


A dead RAM can be another reason for a non-functional motherboard. If you own 2 RAMs, you have to check both of them by removing each RAM and restarting the device. If it’s a RAM problem, you have to get a new RAM for your laptop or get the previous one repaired by professional laptop service providers.

Other Hardware Components

Other hardware components such as fan, SPMS, and Processor can also make the motherboard faulty. You have to check the problem with hardware parts by removing them one by one and rebooting them. The test can help you determine which hardware is creating issues. Accordingly, you can repair or replace the same.

Get Expert’s Assistance for Laptop Repair in Delhi

If you don’t want to take a chance with your motherboard, it’s always great to seek professional help from a trusted service provider for laptop repair in faridabad.   Search for the “best laptop repair service near me” on the internet and contact the most reputed one in your location.

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