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Fire safety is hugely important, and here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips to help. 

Install a Fire Alarm:

It may sound like the most obvious piece of advice but fitting a fire alarm is one of the most vital things you can do to protect your property from any fire-related tragedies. Its important that you check your smoke alarm at least every six months- and if you have just moved into the property, replace the fire alarm just to be safe. You can call out your local fire department to fit and test your smoke alarm for you.

Know Your House or Building Procedures:

Whether you live in a house, apartment or high-rise building- there will always be a protocol as to what to do if there is a fire near you. It’s important that you (either as a family or a building) have selected a fire escape route that is safe, and one that everyone knows about so in the case of a fire, you can all follow the escape route safely. Its also important that you note for where any keys are that you may need access to while you are leaving the building which on fire. Additionally, there should be some fire safety equipment in your building, so similar to a smoke alarm its important to test these frequently to ensure that they are still working and will be able to operate during an escape. The final point about house or building procedures is that once you have exited the building, that you have a safety point far away from the building where everyone will gather. Its important to note that this safety point is well signed, so that there is no room for confusion.

Keep All Electrical and Smoke Equipment Safe:

It’s vital in your home that all equipment that could potentially be dangerous is kept somewhere safe. If you love having candles in your home, then make sure all matches, electrical lighters and spare candles are kept somewhere safe- such as in a cupboard where they can be neatly stacked. Additionally, if you smoke and keep cigarettes in your house, you may want to keep them somewhere safe away from danger. For those living with families and young children, its vital that you teach them basic fire safety rules as otherwise they could end up causing serious harm, so while they’re young its important to engrain basic safety habits and rules for them to understand.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

Sadly, around 50% of people per year die from monoxide poisoning- a hugely devastating statistic which ultimately could be prevented from the installation of carbon monoxide alarms. It’s important that you ensure that your carbon monoxide alarms have been fitted, and that they comply with British Standard regulations.

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