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Everybody enjoys some freebies from time to time. This is why many brands use it as a way to help the customer stay loyal to their brand. Whether it’s in the form of discounts, cashbacks, coupons or some other free stuff, anything that you get for free is always appreciated.

No brand is safe from fickle-minded customers. And that’s why even veteran players like Dish TV always try to upscale their offerings to keep their loyal customer base intact. One way they do this is by providing some additional free days along with certain  Dish TV recharge  packs and services.

Getting a few days’ worth of additional entertainment, that too at no extra charges! Sounds exciting right? You can get these offers despite being a new or old customer. Check out the various ways you can get that extra dose of entertainment for free!

More The Merrier

Similar to how you do mobile recharges, when doing your online DTH recharge, many times we tend to do it for a bunch of months at one go. It could be 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or anywhere in between. So, if you want to get those few extra days in, ditch your monthly recharges and go for quarterly, half-yearly or annual online Dish recharge.
Following is the list with the number of extra days you’ll get depending on the number of months you recharge for:

Recharge for 3 Months & above = 7 Extra Days

Recharge for 6 Months & above = 15 Extra Days

Recharge for 12 Months & above = 30 Extra Days

On the recharge of 12 Months & above, you also get the chance for a free Box Swap, meaning you can upgrade to a better box at no additional charges.

Upgrade To Get Free

You can now get 1 whole month of HD channel subscription at no extra cost! Sounds unbelievable right? But it’s true. All you need to do is, upgrade your old SD box to a new HD box. Simply pay ₹999 to get a new HD set-top box. Here, you do not only get the HD clarity for you and your family, but you also get an HD version of your SD pack at no additional charges, for 30 whole days.

Try Out Active Services

Dish TV offers a wide range of additional channels across genres in the form of Active Services. This includes various pay channels from Entertainment, Lifestyle, Kids, Learning, Regional, Devotional & Astrology genres. Some of these channels offer the first few days absolutely free of cost, while some offer a few days at discounted rates.
Enlisting below the channels that can get you a few additional days of entertainment:

Zindagi Active – First 15 Days Free.

Comedy Active – ₹1* for the First 7 Days & then ₹1.43/day.

Thriller Active – ₹1* for the First 7 Days & then ₹1.43/day.

Cooking Active – ₹1* for the First 7 Days & then ₹1.43/day.

Bhakti Active – ₹1* for the First 7 Days & then ₹1.43/day.

So, the next time you do a  Dish TV recharge , don’t forget to add Active Services for some additional benefits.

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