paraphrasing strategies


Paraphrasing can be a crucial part of writing. It is particularly important when the writer needs to take ideas from other people and translate them into their own words. This is all about paraphrasing, effective and powerful paraphrasing means the better writing of content. This article will discuss the four main strategies to use when writing content.

Try these steps if you have trouble rewriting text effectively. You should first go over the strategies below.

  • Paraphrasing a passage is a simple task. You should read it again, and search for any missing words. Once you have done this, look up the words that are not obvious.
  • Next, cover or hide the passage. Now, hide the passage. Next, copy the author’s ideas into your own words. This will prevent plagiarism and protect your content from any potential penalties.
  • After you have finished writing, compare your account of how the writer conceived the original content. When comparing them, ask yourself these questions:

Q1 Am I addressing the thoughts of an author in a way that is distinctive to my writing style or scholarly voice?

Q2 Do I have to try and replicate the writer’s ideas or do I modify words in the original/basic sentence?

  • Last, include a citation. This should include the name of the author, the date of publication and the URL number (if applicable).

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