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The answer you might be looking for is a huge yes. Even when building a house is planned, it would be a great idea to incorporate the architect, builder and interior designer so that all of them could provide their inputs that are valuable and help in drafting a plan easily without it becoming an issue in a later stage. If you are looking for the best builders in India, you could easily find them online. The same is the case with architects. You could check the link to find the best interior designers: 

Read on and see the reasons why the interior designer and builder should work together.

  • Keeps Vision on Track:- An experienced interior designer would help in keeping focused on the vision and the architect or builder’s intent on the right track. When the plans are drawn for the home, you should ensure that the result is everything that you have expected.  An architect should take care of the legalities, planning, logistics, approval and use of materials. The builder should execute the plan drawn but in most cases, they would need guidance from the architect and designer. The designer imparts their expertise on the initial plan to create interior space that is practical and gets designed well at a later stage. A designer takes time to make sure that the details are there throughout the process of construction.
  • Avoid Mistakes:- Interior designers specialise in planning the space and the client should realise that this unlocks the full potential of the home. Experienced designers could offer valuable insights for a home to be beautiful and appealing in the end. A designer considers if the rooms should be too large or small and how well they should function for you. Most of the time, the floor plan might be good but the rooms would not be fit for ideal furniture placement or to add special and unique pieces of accessories. Also, take a look at the spaces and find if the cabinets are large enough for storage and make changes to details you might have missed.
  • Source of Communication:- When a designer is involved in the process, it improves the relationship with the builder. A builder could get information from the designer without interrupting anything. This would avoid the frustration of arranging meetings when the job is stopped. You may have some inclusions you would like at home that might not be in detail on the building plans. This might include wall sconces at a particular height, lamps with shades near the bed for reading lights, an island in the kitchen with a sink nearby and so on. If you communicate with an interior designer before the construction begins, you could develop the ideas before the builder goes too far. No one would be interested in installing floor lamps after the floors are ready unless the client is ready to spend more money to make it happen. All the details need to be planned before the electrical and plumbing start. Everyone might be happier when a project goes well-planned without much hassle.
  • Design to Suit Budget & Space:- Interior designer could understand you better as well as the project. The builder might need you to check with the supplier for selecting items like tiles, flooring, tops or cabinets. If you do not like the items picked within the budget allocated, you could pick the ones you like by making changes to the budget. It could be a good sign when the builder spends time with you before construction to make budgets and allowances that might be close to the result. The builders, however, may not consider the overall aesthetics when they make recommendations as they do not think from the perspective of an interior designer. This is why working with an interior designer is important as you can select the right accessory before finalising the budget. This would help in understanding the real cost of the building project with the right specifications you might have agreed.
  • Helps Add Value, Aesthetics & Synergy:- The builder should ideally be organised and should communicate clearly throughout the construction phase. The interior designer understands the build process and works with the builder to enhance the process further. From the initial stage of the build process until providing all the finishing touches, an interior designer acts as a trusted advisor to make the home look appealing. You should opt for someone with whom you would enjoy spending time as building a house should be an enjoyable process and a fun experience. Some might think that hiring an interior designer might be an extra expense but it should be viewed as a chance to save time and money. Just like how you hire an architect for planning and builder to construct the house, hiring an interior designer provides you with an opportunity to add great value to your home.

When it comes to finances, the designers would be able to help the builder determine the allowances for selection that stand the test of time. A builder could help in pointing the designer to reasonably priced alternatives. A builder could help in providing better allowances. A builder who is patient and runs a tight ship in the job site works hard and earns every penny. This doesn’t mean that the designer and architect doesn’t work hard. When there is a team effort and effective communication, it brings in much-needed results. The builder could tell you a detailed estimate to make sure that there is a reasonable amount budgeted for materials like flooring, lighting and so on. The hike owner should enquire and check with the builder, designer and architect and consider their suggestions and decide on the final budget. The homeowner should, however, be ready to have an additional budget ready so that tackling unforeseen events could be a possibility.

One of the top qualities you should consider while hiring the team is transparency. The builder coils spend time with you before construction to decide on the allowances and discuss the result they might be looking for. Some builders would ask for a lot of details and inputs while some might have an interview or questionnaire to be filled in. The designer could help in providing input. When you are choosing a builder, communicate with more than one builder. This would help you find a person with whom you might be comfortable. You could ask them to show their works to previous clients. You could also speak to former clients. If a previous customer is happy to show the home and speak highly of the team, it is a great sign. The homeowner should choose the team with whom they seem to be happy, trusting and comfortable in working so that the dream home is built successfully without any hindrances.

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