Gold Jewelry vs. Gold Bullion


When planning for the future, you should think about putting your money never lose their value like gold.Gold jewellery doesn’t have to be an accessory, you can view it as a small investment with a value that is determined by its purity and weight, the same way as gold bullion bars and coins are.

How does gold jewelry compare to other gold products?


You can be sure of the quality of gold bars or coins because they are made by government mints and reputable refineries to exacting standards and they always contain 95- 99.9 percent gold. On the other hand, gold jewellery contains metal alloys that affect its quality. Gold in its purest form is too soft and malleable and needs other metals to make it more durable.The quality of most jewelry ranges from 22-karats or 91.66% to 10-karatsor 41.66%gold. You can’t always be sure of the quality of gold you have. Not all jewellery that looks like gold is gold, there is a lot of gold plating that takes place in the jewellery industry. This is why Brisbane gold broker will conduct tests on the gold jewellery they buy. Sometimes having jewellery with visible hallmarks isn’t enough which is why gold buyers will insist on conducting acid tests or will put jewellery through an XRF testing to verify.

So, when it comes to selling gold jewellery, Brisbane gold brokers might insist on testing it before offering a price for it.

Purchasing and Selling Gold in Brisbane


The price of gold can be volatile. Market conditions will affect the price of the gold you have to sell. When you initially buy jewellery, its price will be based on more than just the quality of gold but the design and the precious stones that are part of the design. The price can also be influenced by the designer or the brand.Jewellery is also collectible which means it’s price may depend on how old it is.

The price of gold bullion bars and coins does not depend on fashion trends and Bullion hardly hassenti mental value. This makes gold more stable and dependable.


Owning a lot of gold jewellery has its own liability. People see it and assume you are rich, that you have valuables they can help themselves to by stealing. If you value your jewellery you will keep it safe. You wouldn’t put your gold bullion bars and coins on your dressing table or any old box if it means a lot to you and you are aware of its value, you will store it in a safe that is far more secure than some jewellery box.You should treat gold jewellery the same way you would hold bullion and ensure that it is stored safely and out of reach. Gold jewellery can be a major liability and make you a target for thieves. The best thing you can do with valuable gold jewellery you never use is to sell it rather than risk losing it to thieves. For thieves, getting their hands on gold Jewellery is much more convenient and easier to sell.

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