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Moving to a new country is a big decision that requires careful planning and preparation. When it comes to immigration to Canada, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the application process. However, with so many immigration consultancies to choose from in Pune, deciding on the best one can be challenging. This article provides some tips to help you select a best consultancy in pune for canada pr.

1. Do Your Research Thoroughly

Doing thorough research on different immigration consultancies is one of the most important steps before selecting one. With the internet, you have access to a wealth of information that can help assess consultancies as well as their suitability for your needs. Start by searching online for consultancies based in Pune that specialize in Canada immigration. Search on online and check the websites of shortlisted consultancies to gather basic details like their experience in the field, along with location as well as services offered. Pay attention to how long they have been assisting clients to immigrate to Canada – longer experience means more exposure to policy changes.

Another valuable research method is reading online reviews of consultancies on third-party rating sites. Client reviews provide genuine feedback as well as complaints about a consultancy’s performance, work quality, responsiveness as well as success rates. Look for common praise along with criticism across multiple reviews to get an overall idea about reputation as well as client satisfaction levels. Checking the number of successful applications a consultancy has handled in different immigration programs gives you a sense of their expertise as well as track record. Consultancies with a higher number of approvals over the years have likely mastered the application process.

2.  Ask for Referrals

When choosing an immigration consultancy, one of the most reliable methods is to ask people you know as well as trust for their recommendations. Personal referrals carry a lot of weight as they come from individuals who have direct experience with the consultancy they are referring. People you are close to, such as friends, relatives or colleagues who have recently gone through the immigration process to Canada themselves, can provide valuable referrals. You should ask them specifically about the consultancy they used – the name of the consultancy, the consultants who handled their case as well as an overall review of the services provided.

Pay close attention to how satisfied they were with aspects like application processing timelines, responsiveness to queries, expertise as well as knowledge of the consultants as well as whether the consultancy delivered on what they promised. Referrals give you authentic first-hand accounts versus just online reviews which could be biased. From the referrals you receive, make note of any consultancies that are recommended by multiple individuals. This indicates the consultancy has a proven track record as well as experience in successfully handling different cases.

3. Check Consultant Qualifications

It is extremely important to ensure that the immigration consultant handling your Canada PR application has the appropriate qualifications as well as experience. They will be responsible for guiding you through the entire process, so it’s crucial they have the expertise required. The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council iccrc registered consultants in pune is the body that regulates immigration consultants in Canada. Any consultant providing immigration services legally must be licensed by the ICCRC. This license demonstrates they have met established standards of practice, professional liability insurance coverage as well as ongoing education.

When evaluating consultancies, ask upfront if the specific consultant you will work with is licensed by the ICCRC. Check the license number on the ICCRC website to verify it is in good standing. The consultant should also have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience working with Canada immigration applications. An experienced, qualified consultant will be able to assess your profile accurately as well as determine the best immigration program for you to apply under. They will be up to date with all program requirements as well as application processing times. The consultant must clearly explain the step-by-step application process as well as provide realistic timelines.

4.  Request Sample Documents

When evaluating immigration consultancies, it’s important to assess the quality of documents as well as applications they prepare for submitting to immigration authorities like IRCC. One way to do this is by requesting to view sample documents as well as applications. This will provide valuable insights into the consultancy’s documentation standards as well as expertise. Ask the consultancies shortlisted to share redacted samples of actual documents like application forms, cover letters, resume templates, reference letters etc. that they have prepared as well as submitted for past clients with similar profiles to yours.

Examining these samples will help you analyze the level of detail, formatting as well as structure followed in key application components. It also gives you an understanding of the overall presentation style as well as language used. Reputable consultancies should have no issues sharing sample documents as it demonstrates their work quality. These samples when reviewed can reveal things like accurate capturing of client details, proper structuring of experience as well as education, use of relevant Canada-specific resume templates, emphasis on required information as per guidelines along with more. It also shows consistency in documentation standards.

5.  Inquire About Services and Fees

When considering an immigration consultancy, it’s important to understand exactly what services they provide as well as how much they will cost. Reputable consultancies offer end-to-end assistance, guiding clients through every step of the immigration process. Start by asking the consultancy to outline their complete service package. This should include initial eligibility assessments, application form filling, along with document collection as well as preparation, application filing as well as submission. It’s also good if they offer assistance with job searches, work permit processing as well as landing in Canada.

In addition to core services, some consultancies provide value-added services like language test preparation, invitation to apply coaching or guidance on provincial nominee programs. These usually come at an additional fee. Regarding costs, consultancies typically charge a flat package fee or hourly rates depending on your case complexity. Ask for a detailed breakdown of all fees upfront including applicable taxes. Factors like the immigration program, additional family members or services can impact overall costs.


Following this will give you a good starting point to evaluate consultancies as well as choose the best fit for your Canada PR journey like Croyez Immigration. Do your due diligence to find experienced professionals you can rely on to navigate the immigration process smoothly as well as efficiently.

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